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Friuli Venezia Giulia is well-known as a wine heaven and a visit of its vineyards offers a unique experience.


The wines of Collio are characterized with good aromaticity and complexity on the nose, body and structure in the mouth, acidity and a mineral component which makes them particularly recognizable. The heart of this area is represented by the Castle of Spessa, a wonderful, romantic aristocratic residence.


Wonderful wine varieties are produced in the Colli Orientali area too. The panoramas here are really impressive, not only thanks to the vineyards’ landscape.

The Abbey of Rosazzo, for example, is located in the Colli Orientali in an isolated area. The origins of the over one thousand year old abbey are still not fully known. During this time and still today, in part thanks to its geographical location, the abbey has been a crossroad between east and west, a place where different cultures meet and exchange.



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