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Our commitment to be even more... green!

Water dispenser

After switching from plastic bottles to cans, we are ready for the next step!

When packing your suitcase, don't forget to bring your water bottle, you can fill it for free at our drinking water dispenser.

Lokal products

Sustainable, for us, also means local. That’s why we are pleased to support the work of Friulian producers.

For the breakfast buffet we try to choose regional products as much as possible, while in our "delight corner" it is possible to buy - for yourself or as a gift - a delicious souvenir strictly "Made in FVG".


Riding a bike is the best way to visit Lignano!

One ride after another, our bicycles will let you discover the city and its surroundings in an ecological and free way.


Will you stay at our hotel for a couple of days?

Try to think about it: do you think tidying up and changing towels is really essential for such a short stay?

If you agree with us - and, above all, you want to do something good for the environment - let the reception know that the service is not necessary: ​​it will be a real pleasure for us to reward you with an excellent aperitif!

Courtesy set

Shower gel in refillable bottles and soap with plastic-free packaging: small things that however make a big difference. On the path towards sustainability, every step is fundamental and we are gradually finding alternative solutions in order to protect the environment.

Special offers

We believe it is right to reward travelers who reach our location by public transport. For this reason we have reserved a special offer for them: in the "Offers" section the discounted rate "BeGreen" is dedicated to those who travel by train or bus, leaving the car at home.


We really like the #1 anti-waste app in the world!

Why? Because in this way we can make excellent products once again available and it allows us to meet many consumers who, like us, consciously choose to help the environment.