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The caves are a natural heritage of inestimable value to Friuli Venezia Giulia.


The exceptionally big Grotta Gigante is a wonderful example of a subterranean Karst environment and it is listed by Guinness World Records as the tourist cave with the world's largest hall. This cave is the perfect location for a pleasant visit to observe stalactites, stalagmites and calcite flows.


The green waters of the Cave of Pradis boasts human and animals prehistoric visits, an element which makes this mountain’s jewel not only a unique natural location, but also the setting of important paleontological and archaeological finds.


The Cave of Villanova is the only “contact cave” that can be visited in all of Europe and is one of the largest caves of this kind in the world. Crossed along the main branch by an internal stream, the Cave is active and “alive”, populated by various specimens of troglofauna, which sometimes, with a little luck, can also be seen on the tourist route.

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